Original b3 Sheepskin Black Bomber Jacket


Original b3 Sheepskin Black Bomber Jacket

We offer Original b3 Sheepskin mens Black aviator Bomber Jacket, shearling leather jackets for men made of best quality material for sale.

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Black aviator shearling jacket mens

B-series jackets were the first jet jackets specifically designed for the most advanced bombers and their needs. This B-3 black shearling jacket introduced in the mid-1930s, made of sheepskin and lined with heavy wool.

It did not have a woven belt attached to the jets of the previous flight, but two leather belts allowed the pilot to cover the wide collar of sheepskin. This was a huge coat that has designed to keep the bombs warm i.e. 25,000 feet high.

Benefits of black aviator shearling jacket mens

  • Black aviator jacket are a great outfit for low-weather areas.
  • It keeps you warm and provides great comfort in your daily activities.
  • B3 bomber jackets make too heavy within insulated layers that bring great heat to the body. The best thing about bomber b3 jackets are too lightweight.
  • You can add many layers under your jacket without looking bulky.
  • These jackets are extremely versatile; you can wear them on any occasion and style them with your daily wardrobe items including your regular jeans and sneakers.
  • Hence it’s the most worthy investment that stays for a long time in your wardrobe.

Material & Features of b3 sheepskin bomber jacket

  • This jacket is made from genuine sheepskin leather.
  • The black aviator shearling jacket mens has two sloping hands warmer pockets, some have multiple.
  • The collar can be folded and lifted with additional straps to protect it from the cold.
  • Waist strap and buckle for waist adjustment.
  • It also has a strap and buckles on the collar and one adjustable strap and buckle on the side.
  • Note: Dry cleaning only.


Where can you buy the original sheepskin Bomber jacket?

If you are looking for high-quality items at affordable prices for your clothing wardrobe, Maher leathers is a shopping destination with new styles every week. Here you will find the latest models of original b3 sheepskin bomber jackets made of durable leather.

What to wear with a black shearling jacket?

Bomber jackets are the most ultimate and versatile wardrobe item. You don’t need to worry about what to wear with it. It is itself giving you a great style and enhancing your personality. You can go with your denim jeans almost part of every guy’s wardrobe and use regular sneakers. You can wear your bomber jackets on almost every occasion.


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