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7 Steps to Take Care of a Leather Jacket

Women Dark Brown Leather Jacket outfit

7 Steps to Take Care of a Leather Jacket

How to take care of leather jacket

The real leather jacket is an expensive but long-term item. These versatile items never go out of fashion due to their outclass look, warmth and durability. A person never wants that his/her jacket to get cracked or some other damage. These trendy items need proper care to maintain their quality and look perfect as new. Taking care of your leather jackets for men is not enough to implement on the manufacturer label. It requires some additional care to make sure that your stylish leather jacket womens stay soft, smooth, durable, and clean.

These are the things that you should do to maintain the jacket’s health. Also, check how often to condition leather jacket.

7 steps to take care of a leather jacket

  1. After use hangs the jacket with a wooden hanger and avoids hanging it in sunlight and humid areas.
  2. Heat can damage the leather and could be the reason for its brokerage so, Keep it away from heat.
  3. Do not give iron steam.
  4. Use a leather conditioner to regain the leather
  5. Don’t use any sticky things like stickers and stay
  6. You can indeed wear a leather jacket in rain but it is recommended to avoid wearing it in survival time in the rain and try to it
  7. Keep your jacket clean. If now the cleaning process, then it is fine otherwise you can read our blog on “How to clean leather jacket”.

Taking care of a real leather jacket

Can you steam iron a leather jacket?

As we mentioned above steam iron is not recommended for both faux and genuine leather outfits. but if your black leather blazer got some wrinkles so, you may need to iron steam it to get rid of wrinkles. Keep in your mind that the iron should never come into direct contact with the leather.

How to iron steam a leather jacket

  • Take your outfit and place its wrinkled potion fatten on your ironing board.
  • Place a thick cotton piece of clothes on the jacket.
  • Set the iron’s water container
  • Set the iron heat setting at the
  • Try to give iron steam in quick and gentle strokes
  • Make sure the iron should not touch the leather.
  • Move the cloth continually to other wrinkled potions of the jacket and keep ironing it to get a wrinkles-free jacket.

Note: Only give iron steam to the leather outfit when it is hardly necessary otherwise don’t do it.

Iron steam to a stylish leather jacket womens

Can you wear a leather jacket in the rain?

The leather comes from cured animals’ skin which is not a waterproof thing but it is water-resistant. The rain jacket is good for rain but it can’t be said that you can’t wear your black leather moto jacket in the rain.

“Yes, you can wear a leather jacket in the rain but it also requires some extra care”.

This is quite simple, if you wear it in the rain and do not dry it properly afterward, you may face a risk of ruining the quality of your leather. Proper care can maintain the quality of leather and save it from destruction either if you use it in the rain also. You can wear your asymmetrical moto jacket in the rain, dry it nicely with a clean cloth and hang it in an open space. After that two more additional things you should do to ensure the care and quality of leather.

Wearing a asymmetrical moto jacket in rain


Apply wax to your jacket, while waxing makes sure your jacket is clean and dry. Apply a small amount of wax to the entire surface and repeat this until you’re satisfied. After this leave the jacket to dry off the wax. You should keep in your mind that do not let the jacket in a warm area to avoid cracks in the material. When it became fully dried, use a cloth to remove excess wax.

waxing a leather jacket


In this method, your jacket needs to be damp as that can absorb the conditioner easily. You can apply some conditioner with a clean cloth and give more attention to those areas that need extra care. Once applied, give the jacket time to absorb the conditioner and then remove any excess later on. This can not only clean your jacket but also extends its lifespan.

cleaning and conditioning a leather jacket for men

How to get smell out of leather jacket

Leather jackets are an expensive, durable, and long-time-appeal investment. The original leather is produced from animal hide and can soak up bad smells, such as smoke, food odor, sweat, perfume, or mildew. The original leather is indeed more difficult to clean than synthetic leather. But you can clean it and get a ride from the bad smells of the leather not just even from your jacket but also from your other leather products. You can follow the steps below one by one to remove the smell from leather apparel and other products at home.

  1. First, Clean the Jacket Inside and Out
  2. Clean the jacket with leather soap.
  3. Apply baking soda to the entire surface of the jacket.
  4. Hang it outside in fresh air and remove the baking soda with a soft cloth.
  5. Don’t store it in a sealed bag.
  6. If the smell goes out so it is enough otherwise, condition the leather to remove the odors.

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