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4 Steps how to clean the leather jacket

How to clean leather jacket

4 Steps how to clean the leather jacket

How to clean leather jacket

The real leather jacket is a favorite wardrobe item and also costs you a bit as expensive as compared to other clothing items. To maintain its stylish & tough look you’ll need to look after your best Black Leather Jacket for men as long as possible. In addition to precluding tumbles and gashes, your first duty is to learn the proper method to clean leather jackets for men. Also, you need to learn the things to what to do in case of serious spills.

First, remove the dust from the leather jacket, clean it with soapy water, wipe down the lining, condition it with a light hand, and last let it dry naturally. 

To understand each step clearly and remove the stains at home, get freshen the lining for your best leather jackets for women. Follow the steps that we define below to wash your leather jacket.

Cleaning of different types of jacket

Regardless of the type of apparel you have, you will eventually need to clean it at some point. Similarly, if you own a leather jacket in your closet, cleaning it has to be your priority. What use does a dusty jacket have when you want to look clean?

The question still remains about how to clean a leather jacket. The answer depends on the type of jacket you are wearing. Let us talk about two of the main categories in this blog.

Cleaning of shearling jacket

The first one is a shearling jacket. As it stands, these types of jackets are quite expensive and difficult to look after since they require a lot of care.  The inside of these jackets is made of sheepskin fur so washing them is totally out of question. What you need to do is take a hard brush and comb the inside of the jacket. This reduces dust and anything which should not be there in the first place. Note: Only dry clean or wash these shearling jackets under extreme conditions. For the outside of the jacket, it is quite easy since it is plain leather. First, clean the out shell with a wet towel and make sure no dirt or mark remains. Then use a dry towel and clean excessive moisture from the surface. This is important since moisture can reduce the life cycle of leather greatly.

Cleaning of leather bomber jacket

The second type is a Leather Bomber Jacket. These types of jackets are quite easy to clean as compared to leather jackets with fur. Dry cleaning is a big issue with such jackets since there is no fur to soak up the moisture. Still, avoid washing this apparel too. The same process for the outside layer can be used to clean it. Use a wet towel followed by a clean one. The same can be applied to the inside of this jacket. However, make sure to dry it in a timely manner.

4 Steps how to clean the leather jacket

1. Remove the dust

To clean a leather jacket, first of all, require to remove the dust from the jacket with a clean piece of cloth or soft brush. This step comes first because if you start cleaning the jacket with some soap or any other cleaning liquid so, it might be possible that the dust remains on your jacket after the cleaning. While cleaning you may not find out dust on the jacket but when it comes dry after the cleaning process, the dust can be seen on the jacket. The dust is mostly stuck on the corners and the whole top layer of the jacket.

If you are using a brush so try to clean it with a soft-liner brush that doesn’t warm the jacket fabric. To avoid harm to the jacket, try to work in a circular motion for the best result. Many jacket wearers overlook the dust on the jackets and as a result, dust becomes more apparent as time passes. It also turned more difficult while cleaning subsequently.

Taking care of a real leather jacket

2. Clean the leather

If your black leather moto jacket has been duly treated and defended so, most of the soil can be removed with a clean damp cloth. If the jacket is dirtier so removing the dirtiness maybe take more effort and require specific treatment.

  • Get a bar of soap and a soft and clean sponge. Make a mixture of soapy and water.
  • Dip the sponge in the mixture of soapy water. Gently wash away the dirt and debris. collars and cuffs are usually dirtier so give some more attention to those parts.
  • Don’t rub or soak the leather as it may cause damage to the leather. Try to clean it through gentle circular motions.
  • When you finish the cleaning process, take a clean piece of cloth, wipe away the jacket from the water and make it dry.
  • Now hang it over a bathtub or outside the room to air dry. Make sure to avoid the dust area where you hang it.

cleaning and conditioning a leather jacket for men

3. Clean the lining

There are a lot of designs and models of jackets introduced in today’s world. Some of the models have a wool lining for giving the extra warm quality. This wool can be synthetic and also original natural wool as named shearling. To clean the jacket lining, follow the steps below.

  • After the cleanness turns the jacket inside out.
  • The wool lining shrinks when it is being washed. First, try to remove the dirt from the soft brush.
  • If the dirt is still there so, use a soft sponge and dump it into clean water to clean the stained areas.
  • Don’t use too much sponge as it harms the lining.
  • When the lining turns clean now, leave it outside in the sun to dry.

Leather jacket inside lining

4. Conditioner the leather

If your jacket is old and turns in a little dull so you can also make it shine and give it a very fresh look. The wearer can use a leather conditioner that is publicly available in the local market.  You can also use upholstery wax as a conditioner with a soft cloth to buff out the leather.

The leather conditioner keeps the jacket from drying out and cracking and makes it unaffected by future stains. You can buy these leather conditioners from the local market. You can also make your conditioner by yourself at home. Take a part of vinegar and two parts of linseed oil and mix it. Paste this mixture to the jacket or any leather item on which you want. After that just wait for 15 minutes, and buff it with a soft piece of cloth until the leather shines. The conditioner cleans the leather and makes it look shiny and last longer.

conditioning a leather jacket

The Dos and Don’ts of Leather Jacket Cleaning


First of all, start with the lightest solution.

Remove the dust with a clean cloth before applying the soapy water to the leather.

Try to make the jacket dry as quickly as you can. It is recommended to leave it in the sun or any airy area.


Don’t try to clean oil, glue, ink, makeup, or paint stains yourself. Consult with a pro for these kinds of stains.

Don’t apply club soda because it could be the reason for the stain worse.

Don’t forget to plume when you mark. If you don’t do this so the stain will replace itself with a watermark.

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