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How to measure leather motorcycle suit

How to measure leather motorcycle suit

How to measure leather motorcycle suit

Getting a perfect fit for your 1 piece suit motorcycle requires the perfect measurement of your body. The main reason for our discussion is that many organizations and their products are labeled in American or European sizes, so it is very difficult to choose the size of the items on the website. So we decided to teach you how to measure leather motorcycle suit. The measurement includes your chest, belly, waist, hip, and pants length.

Chest Measurement

In order to measure the chest, take a jacket and lay it on a table, turn its front side up, and close its main zipper fully closed. Flatten the jacket as many you can on the table by smoothing the torso. You can pinch the edges of the torso just from under the arms and make sure there are no hidden wrinkles by pulling the material wide to back. Now flip the arms up and out of your way for measuring it easily to the chest from one armpit to the other.

Start measuring under the armpit from the widest part of the torso. Take your measurement just a bit inside from the outside edge. By taking these steps we can estimate the inside-to-inside thickness measurement of the shell material and perhaps a thermal liner. For a slim-fit jacket that is meant to fit snug, about 1/2” per side will be about right. For common-fitting street jackets, 3/4” per side is good. To measure bombers, and those jackets which are more loos fitting it becomes to lose just like 6/7, etc. Double the size you get from the chest which you got in inches or in cm.

measuring the chest width of leather motorbike suit

Belly Measurement

  • Take a measurement tape and place it on your max belly point.
  • Make sure you are not wearing any tight jacket or any other tight 2 piece motorcycle racing suit.
  • Stand straight and place measurement tape from your max belly point crossing your back to the max point from where you start.

measuring belly

Waist Measurements

  • Stand straight, take the measurement tape and place it max point of your waist where you wear your pants.
  • Bring the measurement tape around from your back as likely you did at the time of measurement of the belly
  • Now place the measurement tape on the point of your waist from where you start so you can see the end result of your waist.

measuring pants waist

Hip Measurements

  • In order to measure the hip size, place the measurement tape at the widest part of the bum and hip to around the top of your hip.
  • Make sure there should be a one or one & half-inch space from inside to inside of hip measurement.

measuring hip

Inseam Measurements

  • The inseam starts from the highest point of the leg and ends it’s at the ankle bone. The inseam and the seat are directly related to each other.
  • A better suggestion for the measurement of your inseam is said another person to take your inseam measurement.
  • If no one is available so just take a book up in the crook of your leg and stand by facing the wall.
  • Now square the book up with the wall and point a highlighter mark at the edge of the top.
  • Now measure the floor from end to highlighter mark. That measurement will be your inseam measurement.

measuring inseam length

Pants length Measurements

  • In this step take slim fit pants that length is perfect according to your need.
  • Start measuring the length from the upper part to the lower.
  • You can also measure the length of the pant by taking the measurement tape under your foot edge to your waist where you wear your pant.

measuring pants length

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