B3 Bomber jacket

    Original B3 Bomber Jacket

    Original B3 Bomber Jacket for sale mostly considered to be light weight than Shearling coat but when it comes to vintage B 3 bomber jackets it’s not that simple. Authentic B 3 bomber jacket cheap is a bit heavier than the normal sheepskin aviator jacket due to the different material used in making them. There are many people out there who still don’t know about leather bomber jacket flying b-3 with sheepskin lining why these leather Shearling jackets call genuine leather sheepskin bomber jacket mens. Mens leather shearling bomber jacket is an expensive investment like these Men’s shearling coat.

    In fact the flying b 3 bomber jacket cheap started centuries ago, first time introduced in WWII. Back then no one knew what these b3 flight jackets call and why they are special than ordinary normal jacket and shearling coat.

    These sheepskin bomber jacket mens basically made for crewmen to stay warm while flying at high altitudes.  But then time passes and people came to know about these b3 shearling bomber jacket and they started to attract due their durable and decent lookof mens shearling bomber. Due to this awareness, sale of genuine leather bomber jackets increased to an unexpected level and now they are considered one of the iconic mens shearling bomber jacket in fashion market.

    Material Used For b3 sheepskin bomber jacket mens

    Most of the material that we use at Maher leathers is of high quality leather and vintage b3 bomber jackets mostly made of sheepskin and fur. Maher leather use of the most iconic and finest quality material in the production of b3 sheepskin bomber jacket. Other hardware stuff for the sheepskin flying jacket and men shearling coat includes zipper snaps and buttons.

    Types of genuine leather bomber jackets

    When it comes to authentic b3 bomber jacket for sale, there are huge number of varieties of them introduced in the market. Different brands comes up with different idea and introduce a different type of vintage B3 bomber jackets. We have also seen a lot of celebrities wearing these jackets at different events to make an iconic look of sheepskin flying jacket.

    Following are some kind of genuine leather b 3 bomber jacket cheap that we will review for our most valued customers and, we at Maher leathers produce these jackets.

    Man classic B3 bomber jacket with Detachable Hood

    These shearling leather jackets and sheepskin aviator jacket comes in black color mostly and those who love fashion and have some fashion sense, these jackets are loved by them. It made with 100% sheep skin and the inner side of sheepskin aviator jacket hood is prepared with shearling to keep the head warm in chilling winters. To make them more attractive, two pockets are attached on waist of the jacket vertically and these jackets are full sleeves not having any zipper attached with it. As the hood of this b3 bomber aviator shearling leather jacket is detachable, so you can remove it whenever you want to. The jacket also had a wide collar that can be visible after removing hood and it gives a decent and smarter look. Two zippers are used for the closure of the flying jackets.

    Ladies B3 bomber Aviator shearling Jackets

    We all know when it comes to fashion, women don’t compromise in anything. So these elegant b3 flight jacket are now in the wardrobe of every women who have some fashion sense and who love to wear the attire that best suited mens shearling bomber.

    That’s why Maher leathers introduce B3 bomber shearling aviator for ladies. These are originally made of pure sheepskin leather having a nice collar giving it a smart look. It has two waist pockets closed with brander zipper.

    The b3 bomber aviator shearling leather jacket has a big brander zipper for its closure having full sleeves. This thing make them elegant to wear for women. We always use high quality branded material in and make the final product even more attractive. These shearling women B3 bomber cheap jackets are now available at Maher leathers at very effective price rate and in different sizes of leather bomber jacket with sheepskin lining.

    The Classic vintage B3 Bomber jacket

    The classic b3 sheepskin bomber jacket are probably one of the most stylish in B3 Bomber category with the polished-leather giving a reflection of chic, also their inside area made of quilted shearling sheepskin to give you a warmer feel and protection. Also the unique thing about leather bomber jacket with sheepskin lining is that there detachable hood also has an inner shearling sheepskin to keep your head warm, so this makes it a unique and best b3 bomber aviator shearling leather jacket. This classic b3 flight jacket also know as b3 aviator jacket has everything that you should look for both for warmer protection as well as fashion style b3 leather jackets and shearling coat.

    Quality of original ww2 b3 bomber jacket

    We don’t comprise on quality of original ww2 b 3 bomber jacket cheap when it comes to our products in the market. We produce original ww2 b3 bomber jacket for sale with high quality material. And we also do several quality steps to make sure the product mens shearling bomber b3 leather jackets manufactured as per requirements. These shearling coat materials are long lasting if they made of original leather bomber jacket with sheepskin lining b-3.

    We always provide our customers best quality products as we can never compromise on our quality. These quality authentic leather bomber jacket women b-3 comes in different sizes for both women. So you don’t worry about the material and their specifications.


    We at Maher leathers provide you services for all sorts of b3 sheepskin bomber jacket, we also provide free shipping upon the bulk of purchase of B3 authentic flight jacket womens. All you have to do is to let us know what you have in mind and your size requirements etc and leave the rest to us. Our team will soon get back to you and contact you for detail discussions.

    We are manufacturing authentic flight jacket womens since past 5 years and all of our products manufactured in our firm by our talented team. You can multiple options and you can choose variety of men and women’s B3 shearling bomber jackets. So visit our website, search what you are looking for, and contact us for the details. We assure you, you will find best products b-3 bomber jacket flying about exactly what you are looking for.

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