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What is A-2 leather jacket

A-2 leather jacket

What is A-2 leather jacket

A-2 leather jacket

The United States American military force aviator clothing board introduced the famous type of leather bomber jacket named the A-2 leather jacket. It was produced for the USA military pilots to provide the maximum warmth at the above 25000 feet above. These jackets are also known as flight and flying jackets as these were used by the military air corps firstly. It was manufactured at the time of World War II and the pilots many times enhance their jackets with squadron patches and print some artwork on the back of the leather jackets for men.

The US military army first introduced the A1 leather jacket during World War One. The reason for that jacket model’s introduction was the same as an A2 leather jacket. The US military clothing board made some minor changes to the A1 model and introduced the updated version which is known as the A2 model. This model was adopted by the US military pilots on 9 May 1931 after the A1 model. From time to time many other changes and updated versions can be seen in today’s world. The leather jacket outfits ladies were also being produced at a big scale due to the high demand after the success of men’s jacket models. The pilots from 457th BG wore leather A2 model jackets.

What is A2 jacket made of


The A2 flight jacket was made of seal brown horsehide. It is because the US military pilots need an item that should provide them with much durability. The horsehide has a fine durability quality which was very beneficial & needed for the US military pilots. Horsehide is also very tough leather. The fibers in the horse’s rear are more compressed than in steer hide, which is one reason Shell Cordovan doesn’t crack or crease. The horsehide grain structure is also considered to be more abrasion resistant than cowhide. In the current situation, most jackets are made from cowhide and sheepskin. Cowhide and sheepskin are less weighted and softer than horsehide.

Horse Leather

Cotton Inner Lining

The lining of the A2 design consisted of a cotton inner. It was added to the jacket for the seek of worm ability. Due to the cold temperature, the pilots need an item that should keep them warm. As per the fulfillment of their need, the aviator clothing board pasted cotton inner lining for providing warm ability to the wearer.

rivet brown leather jacket

Knitted wrist & waist

The type A2 model jacket involves a knit wristband that disallows the wind to enter the jacket. If the cold winds enter the jacket so no matter how warm is your jacket, it can’t keep you warm. The knitted wristband plays the role of a grad who protects you from the winds. As the wristband, the waistband was also manufactured with knitted ribs and played the same role as the knit wrist.

Knitted Waist & wrist of A2 flight leather jacket


The A2 model was designed according to the US military pilots’ need to give maximum protection and help to them. It had flap patch pockets on both sides and the special thing is they didn’t have a hand-warming partition. It is because the military didn’t allow the soldiers to put their hands in their pockets as it is considered very unfit during the battleground. The collar of the jacket was designed like a simple shirt snap-down collar. It was manufactured of horsehide. The jacket also included two leather straps at the shoulder.

The A2 and A1 both pf the jackets had similar cuts. The A1 jacket model had bottoms to close its front side. But the A2 model update itself and introduced sturdy zippers instead of buttons. The updated modification of zippers and collars enhance the A2 jacket’s appearance and gave him a smarter look. The A2 jacket includes a cotton inner lining. The combination of horsehide and cotton inner lining created a nice warm feeling. This model stayed longer than the A1 model and was also worn by the local public as a fashion clothing item.

structure of a2 flight leather jacket


The A2-type jacket was manufactured by many makers between the period of 1930 to 1940. But their official manufacturer was the US aviation clothing board. All makers were producing different quality products. The other factors such as craftsmanship and characteristic were also varied from each other makers. A similar thing was that every maker included the cotton inner lining. The famous leather product manufacturers of that time were David D. Doniger & Co., MacGregor, and J.A. Dubow Mfg. As time passes there are many new makers who come to the front and produce updated jackets such as B3 bomber jacket, genuine quilted jacket mens, and lambskin leather coat which are very famous in today’s world.

A2 Flight bomber Jackets

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