Type original B3 leather bomber jacket

types of original B3 leather bomber jacket

Type original B3 leather bomber jacket

Type B3 bomber jacket

The original B3 leather bomber jacket is seriously warm and was designed for aircraft bombers who needed to go up high altitudes at 30,000 feet in the middle of winter. Thus, it is rightly referred to as the “bomber jacket”. The composition of the material is sheepskin and a very thick sheep’s fur combination.

The jackets were not meant to be just the regular types, as they were intended to keep people warm at an altitude of 25,000 feet or above. It makes the jacket reputation as one that was effective in providing enough warmness. These were made by a combination of sheepskin and extremely thick sheep fur. These leather jackets had two leather straps that were used to close the open collar, but B3 jackets did not have a knit waistband or a trim fit like the other jacket types.

What is it made of?

The B3 bomber jacket is perfectly designed to stay harmed, trendy, and cool. There are different materials used in the B3 bomber jacket. These high-quality materials together make a very classy and favorite wardrobe item.

Sheep shearling

In most cases, the men b3 bomber jacket are made of very fine quality sheep shearling. This made him a very unique and distinguish look. The thin but very strong and soft sheep leather gives comfortability to the wearer and the shearling fur not only works for keeping the wearer warm but also creates an attraction-seeking point.

The sheepskin leather offsets the weight, it has a silky-smooth surface which is due to the smaller and finer contribution of grain.  The sheep leather delivers the comfort of lightweight, flexible relief when a person wears it which makes this type of leather an ideal preference for people. Also, due to the breathable possessions of hollowed-out sheepskin fibers, sheepskin upholstery is great for summer and as well as for the winter season. It keeps the wearer cool in summer and warm in the winter season.

How does it look?

The men b3 bomber jacket sits on the top list of the fashion wardrobe. When it comes to men’s winter fashion and clothing the shearling leather jacket increases its demand graph chart. While looking classy fashioned and staying warm at the same time the B3 shearling jacket provides you with all of these features with warmth and comfort.

Types of B3 Bomber Jackets

As the bomber jackets were historically introduced during World War I when there are a lot of airplanes that did not have a cockpit in their surroundings and they need for a durable, warm jacket almost 30000 feet high. As time passes many innovations can be seen even in the jacket styles B3 is a type of bomber jacket and there are some more subcategories of B3 bomber jackets.

Men B3 Shearling Aviator Jacket

The men’s B3 shearling aviator jacket has fine shearing at the inner side of the jacket which makes it too much warm. These types of jackets have two pockets at it front that are zipped with the leather branded zipper, which gives the men a very tough look. It has a wide collar which is made of fur. It gives protection in rough weather. The front side of the jacket is zipped from the branded leather zipper.

Hooded Classic B3 Bomber Jacket

The leather bomber jacket is made from hundred present sheepskin and there is an inside lining hood with the shearling to keep your head warm in cold winters. It has two pockets that are located at the bottom waistline of the jacket. In some jackets the hood is user-friendly, there is an option to remove the hood as the wearer demand. There is also a wide collar which enhances the jacket’s look even more classy. For the purpose of the closure of the jacket two brand zippers are attached.

Ladies B3 Shearling Aviator Jacket

The women’s B3 bomber jacket is made of a hundred percent original sheepskin leather. These jackets have a wide fur collar that gives them a distinguished look. Two pockets are usually added at the bottom waistline and it is closed from a branded zippered. These types of B3 jackets have a big branded zipper to close them and a bit loose sleeve at the wrist.

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