How much b2 bomber jacket cost

b2 bomber jacket

How much b2 bomber jacket cost

What is a B2 bomber jacket?

The B2 bomber jacket, which is quite similar to the B3 bomber jacket, was introduced at the time of World War 1. This jacket was produced to serve the military army pilots, during the war. At that time, the enclosed cockpit most is not fixed in most airplanes and become the reason for endangering the pilots in extraordinary cold temperatures. This jacket helped them to keep warm at above 25000 feet high, by their genuine sheepskin. This jacket became the trademark of military forces and fighter pilots.

Like a men b3 bomber jacket b2 jacket usually has a short-length body and ends up at the waistline. At its bottom length, It has a gathered and ribbed waistline and also has rib knitted cuffs at its sleeve’s bottoms. The front zipper closure reaches up to the rib knitted collar. There are mostly two functional pockets at the sides. The B2 bomber jacket also has a shearling collar to serve as extra warmth and for being comfortable. These jackets are very famous for providing a very perfect fit with a perfect cool look.

How much does b-2 bomber jacket cost?

A leather bomber jacket is most probably cost you between $500 and $1000 + USD. There are different factors and feature that allows between it cost from $500 to $1000. This price range is based on prices found at more than 50 physical and online stores across the US, Europe, and Asia. The leather type, material quality, brand, and customizations are at the top list of factors that affect the price of a jacket.

Leather Type

The B2 bomber jacket is made of original leather that comes from different animals. Every animal’s hide has its different features and also a different price range. Let’s have a quick look at these leathers’ features and price range.


Cowhide is a very common leather all over the world. On the price scale cowhide is available at a cheap price but that does not mean that it is useless. The cowhide leather has a thick layer and it’s very durable. In cowhide, you can find the jacket for between $300 to $700+.

Goat Leather

Goat leather is also a very common type of leather but the thing that differentiates it from cowhide is, that it is less thick and softer than cowhide. Goat leather-made jackets are available in the market from $350 to $700+.

Lambskin / Sheepskin

The lambskin comes from young sheep. Besides this, the sheepskin leather is produced by adult sheep. This type of leather is very low weighted, very soft, and flexible. In most leather jackets sheep and lambskin are being used. This leather types jacket’s price range is between $500 to $800+.


The most used leather in leather bomber jackets. It is also produced from the sheep. The main difference between this leather from sheepskin is it includes sheep real fur also which is extremely warm and expensive. Its price range is $500 – $1000+ USD. There is also faux fur available in the market which is also known as syntactic fur and is available between 500 to $800+.


The kangaroo leather considers the most, thin, soft, durable, lightweight, and also expensive leather. Mostly the motorbike suit archives are being produced in the market with this leather. It has a price range of $600 – $1200+.

Material Quality & Craftsmanship

As we all know that quality plays a very vital role in every product whether it is a simple gel pen or a clothing item. After the leather types selection, some more things have to consider while buying a jacket or evaluating the cost of the jacket. A cheap marital quality jacket is not the same price as a high-quality material jacket is.

Craftsmanship is also very important while making the product. A low-quality craftsmanship product never reaches the level of good quality craftsmanship. A higher-quality bomber jacket will of course be more expensive, but it does not say that more expensive is always gives higher quality.

So how to check the jacket material & craftsmanship quality? Below are some basic things that affect the quality of the jacket.


While evaluating the cost of the quality, you can start by having an eye on the stitching of the jacket. The thing you most have to see in stitching is its thread lining. If the jacket has a thin threaded, single line, so it is not considered a good quality jacket. Always prefer a thick threaded, double-line stitching that gives more support to the jacket.

Zip Capacity

Most of the jackets are zippers and that’s why zip quality matters. To check the zip quality, you can check it by quickly lifting and lowering it with its side attached and without. If it moves quakily that mean it is good quality zip and if it is stuck a couple of time that automatically means it is not a good quality zip.


Every brand has its goodwill, and that can be seen in its product price ranges. A brand that has strong goodwill such as Gucci and Nike always has an expensive product price range. Besides this, a local seller’s price range of that same product is less costly than the well-known brand.


When we talk about Bomber jackets or any other fashion appeal, there are a lot of people who want customizations such as their name or customize logos on the clothes. Especially women are more attached to customizations. They demand their custom sizing in their women’s B3 Bomber Jacket. As compared to a regular leather bomber jacket or any other product, the customized products cost you slightly higher.



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