Red Aprilia racing leather motorbike suit


Material Composition of Joan Mir Suzuki Motorcycle racing suit:
Leather = 50%
Polyester Lining = 40%
Foam Padding = 2%
Rubber Padding =3%
Zipper = 2%
Thread = 3%
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Aprilia red motorbike suit

Aprilia racing moto GP suit is the most professional choice. It is designed well and its protected features are awesome. This Aprilia red racing leather suit almost fulfills the all requirements that a professional biker needs. This suit is going to create magic on the track. Well, manufacturing is not that how much pretty the racing suit you made but also safe and secure for the Racer. The Aprilia suit must be safe enough and wearable and don’t make it to much heavy that might cause resistance for the bikers.

Outer shell:

  • Top Grain Genuine Cowhide Mild leather 1.2 -1.3mm
  • Perforated (As per Design or per customer’s desire)
  • Sponsored Labels & Printings
  • Stretch as per Design or per Customer’s desire.
  • Original YKK Zipper at Front, Cuffs & Calf
  • External Shoulder, Elbow & Knee protections (As per Design or Customer’s desire)
  • Dupont Kevlar or Schoeller Keprotec Stretch Fabric at inner arms and Crotch and Back Shin Areas (As per design)
  • Coats Thread stitch

Inner Shell:

  • 100% Polyester mesh lining
  • CE-approved removable Protectors on Shoulders, Elbows, Knees, Back & Thighs
  • CE Approved Hump
  • Kevlar Thread Safety Stitch

Raw materials for Aprilia moto GP suit

Cowhide Leather

The most common and preferred apparel for racers is a one-piece red Aprilia racing motorcycle suit made of cowhide. They are used by racers all over the world. Through my search, I found the cowhide suit to be the most protective and durable for riders. The cowhide Aprilia leather suit has been at the top for over 100 years with positive feedback. Well, it is the best choice for riders, but it has found several disadvantages. It is 20-30% heavier than the kangaroo and vegan textile suit and needs more cleaning than these two.

Kangaroo-made Aprilia moto GP motorbike suit

After the cowhide jumpsuit, the next best and most popular choice for making your Aprilia racing suit is kangaroo leather. It has also performed well over the past ten decades. Kangaroo provides very good durability with strong tensile strength. The reason why it is popular among racers is its lightness and protection. Your kangaroo-made Aprilia racing suit protects the rider up to the tires of the suit in parts. But some riders have negative feedback on the aprilia leather suit due to its high cost and high maintenance than the cowhide racing suit.

Vegan textile

Last but not least, the material used to make the Aprilia racing suit is a vegan synthetic material. It’s not leather, but it gives stronger protection and flexibility than cowhide. Vegan textile Aprilia racing suits are on the rise in the future. This fabric has excellent breathability and is very stiff and unbreakable.


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